Thursday, October 6, 2011

My turtle mind

If there is one person you will find weird, that would be me. I actually lived in two worlds. A world within my mind and a world with you. And I like to live in both worlds. Think of me as a turtle. A simple poke, I would retreat to my own portable house.

When I am in the comfort of my mind,  I am happy. I am sad. I am angry. I am disappointed. I am inspired. I can be the person I would like to be. My mind is like a bed of ideas. A launchpad of causes and struggles. It soothes the pain I felt. Creativity is everywhere. Poems, songs, dances. The sky is blue. The sun shines brightly. Of course, there are distress, a call for help. But in my mind, everything's curable. And the sun shines again.

But not all is beautiful. The pain I felt is sometimes become a cloak of darkness. I become authoritative, I become the boss. I like to struggle, I like to fight back. I will be the meanest perfectionist person you will ever know. Above the admirable dimples and smiles are the lurking crosshaired eyebrows that is enough to make you shaking with fear. This is the state of mind I often struggle with. And I want to use it towards something good. I want to use this aggressive stunt to compel change in the society - the ideal society in my mind. It will be uphill struggle and thousands would frown at me. Who is this guy who pretends to know everything?

Now, if you have read this far. You must have already took a glimpse of my mind-world. In this case, two is a crowd. Let us go out and swim through East Australian Current! I need to find Nemo in the care-free world outside my mind.

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